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More Motorcycle News Photos:

The number of new Honda motorcycles is breathtaking.  Every year there are new models and other models available around the world which will not come to thew US.  These 350cc singles really look good.  I wish they were coming to the US.  

Here is the 2021 Buell:

Pictured above is the exotic new 2021 Buell.  The company claims that there will be many additions over the next several years.  My hope is that they succeed!


Horex was a long time German motorcycle builder who stopped with motorcycles during the early 1960's.  Horex was an innovative company who had a great deal of influence on the early Japanese motorcycle companies.  This new bike is a supercharged 1200cc machine.  The six cylinder engine has two banks of cylinders only 12 degrees apart.  One link claimed the bike would have 161 horse power, another stated 124.6hp.  Either way, the bike will be fast.  It will no doubt be a naked super bike for those wanting an exclusive and low production machine.  I hope to one day see one!

Will this be the new "Crocker" superbike?

Al Crocker was a racer in the teens (1914's, etc.) racing a Thor.  Thor's were genuine race bikes in their day, however HP figures for bikes in the early days, meaning up to the late 1920's, were rarely over 10 to 20 HP, so performance can't be compared to modern racing.  Crocker being unhappy with the bikes he rode, built his own.  Historians say that fewer than 100 were ever built.  Currently, Crockers are one of the most sought after collector bikes bringing up to $250,000 when available.  As a note, Al lived and worked in Kansas City as an Indian representative in his later years.  The new company simply purchased the rights to the name and have been building bike parts.  The concept bike is to be a 120+ HP super bike, modern in every way.  I hope they do it!

Below is the rare1967 Honda CB450D Scrambler!

Above is a picture of the very rare Honda 450 Scrambler built from the Black Bomber. The Black Bombers (all 4 speed 450's) were not jumping off the sales floor so Honda offered a Scrambler Kit for the unsold bikes.  From what I understand, some came from the factory with the kit already installed.  The kits were not offered to everyone, they were offered only to those dealers wanting to unload 450 4 speeds after the 5 speed bikes were offered.  There are only around 60 known to exist.  The kit included the tank, handlebar, side pannels, seat, and fenders (I think this list is complete). 



The new Brough-Superior built by a company in France in 2013 was hoping to have bikes available by 2015.  I have heard little about the re-make of this old brand.  No price was mentioned but I'm sure it's hefty.  It does look great!



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