Midwest Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Events:

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People or groups doing Vintage Japanese Mororcycle Events in the Midwest:

The 2021 Fliers for the KCVJMC events are below, check them out.

This page is dedicated to activities by vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts in the midwest.  We encourage that all those interested in vintage Japanese motorcycles get involved with VJMC and support the larger community.  Our KCVJMC club strongly supports VJMC but we also welcome any enthusiast to get involved in vintage Japanese events at any level that they wish.  This page will slowly grow as I am able to connect with enthusiasts in our region, so continue to check back.  If you know of people or groups which should be listed please let me know so I can give them space.  Thanks!

Mark Bayer

Groups listed below; Each person listed here has a photo below with contact information within their section:

(I)    Jeff Ecker: Mammoth Metric Madness (Hot Springs, South Dakota)

(II)   Jim Neurwirth: West Nebraska Vintage Motorcycle Show (Scottsbluff, Nebraska)

(III)  Hal Johnson:  Metric Fest (Omaha, Nebraska)

(IV)   Dennis Murphy: Nishna Valley VJMC (Atlantic, Iowa)

(V)    Michael Russum: Central Missouri Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Enthusiasts    (Columbia,Missouri)

(VI)   Larry Williamson: River City Ramblers (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) Not associated with VJMC but has great vintage Japanese events!

(VII)  Bob Kelly: and Vintage Motorcycles Reborn (Denver, Colorado)

(VIII)  Noel Moss:  Eastern Missouri and western Illinois VJMC field Representative (St. Louis and area) 314-608-3292

(IX)    Mark Bayer: President Kansas City Chapter VJMC; Go the the following links: www.kcvjmc.com or www.vjme.mysite.com

 The list continues on the next page:

(I)  Jeff Eckers in Hot Springs, South Dakota sponsors the Mammoth Metric Madness event on the 3rd. weekend of every June;  The picture below is from an event in Hot Springs, South Dakota:  Call Jeff at 678-622-1089.            2021 Event fliers are below!

Make sure and attend the Bill Brown Picnic!

We don't have the official Donnell's flier yet but I have attached the information below.  When we get the flier, I will attach it.

Donnell's has been one of our largest events, lets hope this continued in 2021.

The Liberty Cycle Center Rally will feature an interview with founder Bill Heishman, make sure and attend!

Put the Liberty Cycle Center event on your calendar!

The CAF Rally has bvecome a favorite event.  The museum is greatr and is a fun family event.

The CAF (Commemorative Air Force) Rally is on!!!

The 2 Stroke Rally is a special event.  It is the only rally of its type within a 1,000 mile radius.  Please attend!




Please join us.

The Bill Brown side Car Rally has become a destination, make plans to attend.

(VII) Colorado VJMC representative Bob Kelly promotes vintage Japanese events in his area:

All of our events are family friendly and free.  At events where ther is food, it is available for a donation.  Put them on your calendar.

Feel free to download and use any of the above images.