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Motorcycle news photos. Make sure and check out photo page II:

The picture below is from the KCVJMC Invitational Show.  KCVJMC invited four local clubs to show their bikes and five awards were given.  The show was held on 5-2-2021 and we had several hundred guests.  We will have a Tiddler Classic at the same location on September 12, 2021.  I hope we have good weather.


Below is the new but already aging Norton:

The new owner of the Norton  has claimed to be making the vintage lookalike motorcycle available in 2010 or 2011, or 2012, or 2013, or 2014!  Bikes were available in very small numbers in 2015 and 2016.  The bike certainly has "attitude", and I think it would create it's own niche market.  Norton had one of the most significant race histories of any British motorcycle maker.  Check out the brief history of Norton on the home page.  The superbike above is a new 2017 model.  It is claimed to be a 1200cc V-4, 200HP Superbike.  Hopefully it is for real!


The Metisse pictured below is a new retro machine being developed to be sold in Europe.  The new proposed bike is pictured in front of a mid 1960's Triumph Metisse.  Check out there page:


The new Lotus motorcycle:

5 The new Lotus, pictured above, was engineered by a German firm which will use the British car manufacturers name.  I can't wait for the first road test!  The claim of 200 hp is already dated with Kawasaki's new H2 claiming 300.  This is a war we don't need!




The proposed BSA pictured below was another motorcycle manufacturer which went the way of all the British builders of the day.  BSA even owned Triumph from 1951 through the early 1970's.  The name is currently owned by the Regal Group (British) who also designed bikes for  the now defunct MuZ motorcycle (formally MZ) company.  The MuZ used a Yamaha 600cc single engine (some claim it was a 660cc engine).  They attempted to rebuild a BSA bike in the early 21st. century but as usual due to the lack of money, the program failed.  The Tempest was to be a 1,000cc twin.  Because the retro Goldstar single didn't sell well and new motorcycle development was sooo expensive, plans were dropped.  Bringing back old names (Indian, Excelsior X, Norton, etc.) is not only expensive, but often the market interest is just not there.  BSA was once the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world but due to poor management decisions, outdated designs, and the failure to operate efficient factories, they quickly lost ground to the Japanese companies.

Early High Pipe Honda CB 92 (125cc).

I have hade an interest in the early Honda "high pipe" bikes.  This pre 1961 CB92 (125cc) is an example of an early model with the high pipes.  Note the pressed steel handlebars.

The 2020 Triumph Rocket Three:

  The new Triumph Rocket Three is supposed to be around 2800cc.  The bike is truly georgeous and I have been told that looks as good as the picture.  I can't wait!



Below is the American made V-4 sport bike, the Motus.  It has a 1650cc V-4  OHV engine (why not an DOHC?).  They claim over 160hp so even if they are close to that figure, the bike should be fast.  They are expensive, somewhere in the $30,000 range!  They are beautiful bikes for sure, I have seen them at the Barber Vintage Festival's the last several years.  Offered for sale in 2016, I wish them success, however, I just don't understand why they didn't invest their money on a more modern engine design?

Made in Birmingham, Alabama!

They are really nice looking bikes built with pride.  I just don't understand why they spent the time and money developing an OHV engine when an overhead cam engine would have been more beautiful, powerful, and would better stand the test of time.  Sometime in their future, they will have to upgrade their engine!  It is my understanding that they wanted a motorcycle with a Chevy 350 engine design.  Wherther this is true or not, the old Chevy engine, though a very good engine is slowing being replaced with more modern design's.  Someone made a strategic mistake, though it is a nice bike.

The proposed 2015 Matchless will be a retro model!

The bike is claimed to be around 1900cc and is a V-twin. It has a retro look but will be a very modern bike.  I want mine to have AJS labels on the tank!