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The field of motorcycling is going through a renaissance today.  New makers, resurrected historic names, and current manufacturers are creating some really exciting bikes.  I thoroughly enjoy the sport and want to help those interested in keeping up with what's new.  Make sure and go to page four to view local & regional events.

I have made a few notes of my own but have also placed some of the best links to motorcycle "news" resources:

2020 NEWS:

(I) Harley Davidson has been having a rough time.  With sales having dropped nearly 40% in the past five years (nearly 14% in 2020 alone) and the new models being postponed, things do not look promising.  The big problem is that their stock market values have gone down so new investors are not putting money into the company.  Will we see a turnaround in 2021?

(II) After Indian closed it's doors in 1953 the name was passed to various companies ending in 1999 with the Gilroy version Indian (Gilroy, California).  A U.K. company (Stellican & Novator Inc.) purchased the Indian name in 2006 and completly re-engineered the line of motorcycles. The Polaris owned Indian is no longer new, but is beginning to have a solid market presence. Go to:    With new models, especially the FTR,   Indian is on the move as are their sales.!

 (III) The ever promoted but rarely seen, the  Norton 961, a modernized retro bike is selling in low volumes in the US,  In 2019, Norton offered it's 1200cc V-4 superbike claiming to be over 200 HP along with several new 650 parallel twins.  The brand again went bankrupt in 2021.  As is usual, there is just not enough money!   

(IV) BMW has been coming on stong in the past several years.  Along with their reivsed 2020 litre super bike, the S1000RR BMW is also unveiling several new models every year.  It's great to see the old company create some really new and creative machines.  In 2019, BMW reported it best sales year ever. The Kansas City area BMW dealer is Engle Motors:  If you have  not seen the 1800cc cruiser, check it out.  The engine is HUGE.

(V) Royal Enfield, an old name in motorcycling and is becomming a world wide motorcycle company.  The 411 & 535 singles continue in their model lineup along with the new series of 650 twins which have a vintage look.  The 650's have an Interceptor and Continental series which reflect vintage traditions and a "cafe racer" look.  One thing can be determined for sure, now that Eicher ownes the company, they will be well engineered and built with solid manufacturing practices.  The 411cc Himalayn Dual Sport is a really cool bike and fits a needed nyche. Woerld wide sales were over 700,000 in 2020.

(VI) America was the dominant country for motorcycle development till around 1920.  Europe began to dominate in manufacturing and technical innovation from the 1920's till about 1960.  When I say European, I am refering to British and German developments.  German motorcycles were superior in terms of design innovation, they were just not marketed well.   After the early 1960's, the Japanese quickly began to dominate all of motorcycle development and within 10 years (1963-1973), they were so far in the lead that there was little question about their superiority in building advanced motorcycles.  The Japanese began by using the best of English and German engineering then went beyond what either country had ever done. Today, American manufacturers often look back to the 1930's to  1950's.  British builders still copy many of their old designs except for Triumph which is an example of a truly innovative comapny. In 2020 a new 2500cc Rocket Three will be introduced.  The Japanese are now copied by nearly every manufacturer in the world.  There are many examples of new, low volume, small companies doing innovative and creative things in limited numbers!  Today, India and China build the most number of motorcycles which are generally copies of Japanese machines.  Note some of the recent smaller companies:

Roehr: the builders of the  Roehr made an attempt at making a powerful 2 stroke but later used a modified HD engine and failed in 2012. A $30,000 V-Rod engined motorcycle was destined to fail!  They will be collectable in 20 years however!  They have long been out of business but made a noble attempt to compete.

Rokon: rokon is a small manufacturer of hunting and trail motorcycles.  Low volume and from 1963.

Motus: Defunct in 2019, this bike uses a 1600cc OHV  V-4 engine.  The bikes look modern and well designed but the engine was a limiting factor.  Why build an OHV engine instead of a single or double OHC engine?  From what I understand, the engine is still available to interested buyers.

Moto Czyse: a super sport electric motorcycle.  It is a 500 lb. 125+ HP machine.  The founder has passed away so the motorcycle will not be produced.

Fischer: a great looking sport bike but what a competitive market it was in.  It's 650cc V-twin competed with the Japanese 600's in a very limited market.  Even though priced competitively, the market was so small and filled with really great bikes, there was little chance of success.  They have gone out of business, I dont have a year but it seems that it was around 2010.

CONFEDERATE:  overpriced and generally impractical but cool. I personally don't see any serious innovation in the motorcycles. They no longer use HD engines which is good.  It's just a unique motorcycle for someone wanting bragging rights!  It doesn't compete with any current  motorcycle brands which are available which means that the market is small.  My suggestion, put in a Godet/Egli Vincent or the Motus engine in the bike and make it a more interesting.  A V-twin air cooled engine in a $70,000 bike. They continue building motorcycles in low volume.

EBR: Eric Buell is a true innovator and worthy of recognition.  His commitment and energy were behind the several "rebirth's" of the brand. His direction is clear and the commitment to a high level of development is inspirational. The brand has failed in the marketplace several times so there is an improbality that the EBR will return though if you have millions to invest??? Eric is now working on an electric motorcycle.

Janus: Vintage looking motorcycles of around 250cc which are custom built.  They use Chineese engine which copy Honda singles.  First built in 2011 they are sold in small numbers.  The fact that they have Chineese engines makes them like many other big name brands.

Zero: Electric motorcycles built from 2006. Zero is one of the best known electric motorcycles.

Boss Hoss:  An American builder who uses Chevy V-8 engines in their huge motorcycles.  The company started in 1990.

Arch: A motorcycle brand being financed partially by Keanau Reeves using an S & S engine.  The KRGT-1 is offered in several custom models and is priced above $60,000. Several new models will be offered in 2020.

There have been many other current and defunct brands which were built in the US from 1990 to 2020.  These include Big Dog, Big Inch Choppers, Ridley, Titan, and numerous other small volume builders. There have been an estimated 57 small American manufacturers which have been in business since 1990. Sucker Punch Salleys, Saxon, Orange County Choppers, Boss Hoss (from 1990), Rokon (from 1963), and a few others seem to have continued in small volume production.  There are numerous other new small volume companies as well.  Victory was discontinued in 2017 as Polaris moved forward with the Indian brand.  There is/was also an American motorcycle engine company named U.S. Highland, which built a 450cc single and a 950 V-twin.  My input in making a serious specialty motorcycle:

  • please get away from air cooled V twin engines and use a more inspirationally engineered power source
  • keep the price closer to $45,000 so it is actually an affordable machine
  • use interesting or innovating engineering rather than just really expensive parts 
  • make it actually usable rather than just exclusive
  • spend your time and money making something which is actually original or competitive to add something to the sport rather than just your name 


(VII)  In November of 2014 Honda reported that they had built their 300,000,000 motorcycle. In 2017, over 18.5 million Honda bikes were built that year alone!  Of the 300 million built, around 100+ million were Cubs.  Honda has been the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959.  Another note of interest is that the first series Honda CB750 has been designated as the most influential motorcycle of the 20th. century. Another interesting fact is that the early 1970 Honda singles (100/125cc) have been the most copied motorcycle engines of all time.  Tens of millions have been copied and built by China, India, and Korean manufacturers alone.  What a testimony to a really solid design! Think about what Honda has done since 1947!  Apart from being the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer, they are a major automobile builder, robotics builder, private jet builder, and own the small generator business.  As an engineering company, there are few which could compare. Honda "worldwide" in 2018 did over 160 "billion" dollars in sales making them larger than GM in terms of volume!  As is usual, Honda continues to bring out new models almost yearly.  The 2021 125 Trail will no doubt be a huge success!












The Norton is another name which seems to return over and over again! Read below:

The original Norton motorcycle was built from 1902 till 1975.  Financial problems have led to the bike's demise several times.  From 1902 till 1953 the name stood on it's own, then was sold to AMC (Associated Motorcycles), a British group.  AMC also marketed AJS, Matchless and several other less known brands.  AMC became Norton-Villiars, then Norton-Villiars-Triumph, then was gone.  In the late 1980's the name returned as a Wankel engined bike but was not a big success.  In 1999 Kenny Dreer, an American, bought the rights to the name and developed a beautiful version of the Commando.  Note the picture below.  He never produced a production bike but built numerous vintage copies.  Half a decade ago a British business man  purchased back the name and has continued the development of the bike and is actually selling a few, mostly in Europe.  Stuart Garner first offered the bike for sale in 2010.  Three models are to be offered with the same 961cc twin.  There will be the Commando, the Commando Sport, and the Commando Cafe Racer.  From what I can guess, the US price is in the $17,000 to $19,000 range.  I have seen only one and was told by a good source that fewer than a dozen have been sent to our shores. 


Check out the 2014 Honda CB1100 "White House" edition motorcycle at the bottom of this page.  It's a special model available on special order only! 

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